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Certified Company for Quality Management by ISO 9001:2015

Sofas on dimensions you choose

At the Factory Sofa you can customize the sofa of your choice without further delay in your delivery time, which is available immediately (delivery within 7-15 days) if the fabric of your choice is available. Each design is available in a three-seater, two-seater, armchair, recliner, stool, left corner, right corner, modular sofa and U shape.

The wooden frames of our sofas

All of our wooden frames are dried, to avoid attacks from septic-dyeing fungi and insects. Desiccant woods in addition to certified wood purity by pathogenic agents also increase its mechanical strength. The frames are tied with metal connectors to absorb expansion and contraction, and are woven with resistant straps. You have a 10 year warranty on our wooden frames.

Back and seat cushions

The back cushions are filled with silicone and sewn in successive points to have a direct return. The base cushion consist of Austrian made high quality foams with a 4-year written guarantee.

Choose a sofa with a Memory Foam seat cushion.

In all of our sofas you can incorporate memory foam into seat cushions, a material widely recognized for its multiple properties. On the one hand it causes immediate restoration to any pressure exerted and on the other hand it offers immediate relief and rest in your body because it contributes to the proper circulation of blood. It is ideal because of its orthopedic use for people who have a problem with their waist and for those who want their sofa to offer them infinite hours of relaxation. We can provide it with a hardness / softness grade by tailoring it to your needs.

Waterproof Fabrics

Water repellent fabrics do not absorb spills. In the case of spilled liquid, the drops are simply collected on the surface of the fabric. This initial – hydrophobicity facilitates cleaning to a great extent. Just wipe the spot with a cloth, even in the case of coffee or wine stains.

When a fabric is labeled “waterproof”, it means it is hydrophobic not absorbing water. This implies that the product actually has physical properties that repel water during contact. Water repellent products are generally made with special materials and techniques. They are usually coated with a type of special film that gives them more chances of retaining the spilled liquid on the surface of the cloth.

Easy Clean Fabrics

Easy Clean fabrics have an advanced protection system that makes it easy to clean all stains without damaging the structure of the fabric. Easy Clean technology helps clean all stains only with water or with water and clean soap, without the use of special chemicals.

Stains such as food stains, damp spots, hand stains, lipstick stains can easily be cleaned in just 3 simple cleaning steps:

  1. Remove the dirt with a spoon
  2. Put some water on the stain and pass with kitchen towels
  3. Allow to dry

Easy Clean protection is a special nano-based finish, the composition of which effectively prevents the penetration of impurities in the fabric. Thanks to this advanced technology the fibers do not absorb any permanent dirt at all.

Quality control

All our production stages, having been tested and satisfied with the quality control requirements, can guarantee the very good quality of your sofa and certify it with a written warranty.

With ISO 9001 Certification

Certificate number: 11117612/1

FACTORY Sofa is a certified company with ISO 9001: 2008 and guarantees the best & most stable quality at the best prices all over the Greek market.

All production phases are controlled and certified to meet our high technical standards. We carry out quality controls from the raw materials we choose to the delivery of your sofa.

Offering the best value for money, we create sofas without affecting product quality. We can provide you with a 10-year written guarantee and you can order your sofa in the color & dimension you want.

Adjust the sofa of your choice to suit your needs.


Each sofa design is available in three-seater, two-seater, armchair, recliner, stool, left corner, right corner, modular sofa as well as in U sofa.


At Factory Sofa you will find high-quality sofas designed with passion by people who love creating living room furniture. All production stages, have been tested and certified with quality control requirements. We guarantee the very good quality of your sofa and certify it with a written warranty.


Details make the difference and anyone can see & feel it with a visit to our showroom. The high quality of design is the feature of Factory Sofa. Designs, proportions, seams, colors are the least that characterizes the aesthetics of our sofas. In a wide range of high quality fabrics and a wide variety of colors.


We can provide Sofas at “first-hand” factory prices because Factory Sofa is just the service station! Factory Sofa’s human resources do not rest. They are researching for certified construction materials every day by closing ideal deals with partners. The sofa that will deliver to you is sure to have the highest quality at the lowest possible price.

We asked friends and customers to tell us how and why is a sofa perfect for them. Listen to what we were told

“I like the round small two-seater sofas in large square rooms next to each other.”
Mimika Karousi
“I like the sofas that their arms are flat and large, so I have plenty of space to leave a cup of coffee, a pop corn tray, a magazine, my phone, and a good solution for someone to seat & chat when the sofa and other seats are full at the party… “
Gianna Patsouridou
“I’m looking for a sofa to stretch my legs and get a nap as soon as I get back from work so I’m not satisfied with at least 90cm long and 60cm wide.”
Costas Patrinos
“I believe that the height of a sofa’s feet is its beauty. It gives style, character and makes it stand out from the whole room as a unique piece of furniture.”
Lisa Marinou
“I would like the couch to have no separate cushions in the seat. So they could sit more in it. Most sofas that have large cushions for a seat usually sit two people, one on each cushion… They say it’s two-seaters but they can fit four people … “
Mimika Karachaliou
“My dream sofa is the one who has no arm, free … but with a big high back and a single seat. A sofa to fit as many my friends as possible … to play .. Video Games!”
Makis Petridis

“Cut a pattern of brown cardboard in the size of the sofa you would like, put it on the floor and see with your own eyes how it will be before you get it …..”

We suggest you!, Factory Sofa
“I would not want to have a sofa smaller than 50cm deep, I dare to nestle up in it. Anything else that’s shorter seems like I’m waiting in my doctor’s vestibule.”
Joanna Ioannidou
“I am a bachelor fanatic, the sofa I would always want would have a detachable daybed that I would turn around and would be joined to the rest of the sofa so I could create a bed.”
Marinos Pikelidis
“I would never have a couch with bright colors or big motifs. To show off the sofa, I would decorate it with many pillows in trendy colors and designs, which I could easily change whenever I want by the occasion.”
Lisa Kalogeropoulou
“I’m romantic by my nature, so I imagine my romantic sofa would be with liberty fabrics, lots of pillows, quilted back and wooden legs.”
Maria Kallipolitou
“I like the cushion on the sofa seat to be 80% filled with feathers, but I prefer 100% feathers on decorative pillows, hugging them and letting go …”
Phillipa Myran
“To be comfortable, to have style, to make it easy for me to take a nap at noon and not to have many stitches and pillows gathering potato chips and popcorn from my sons who consider the lounge cinema room… “
Kyriakos Martinos

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