It’s my sofa!
Customers Photo Gallery

Factory Sofa’s happy customers are excitedly sending us pictures of the new living room as decorated in their home. We publish them here and we wish you a warmth!

Get your living room sofa as you like it from Factory Sofa! Choose the model, dimensions, fabric and legs, we make it and deliver it ready for you in your home or business place! Today many of our customers from all parts of Greece enjoy special made sofas that they bought without visiting us in the physical store.

If you like a model and you live far away from the wider area of ​​Attica, it is possible to send you a sample of fabrics to choose the color that suits your room and your furniture. You can order by phone at (+30)210.6025980. Describe to us your dreamy sofa, the rest is Factory Sofa’s case!

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