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Factory Sofa was created to supply you with high quality living room furniture at factory prices. Our happy customers, love and experience in the living room are among the few reasons that drive us to specialize more in the living room. Our company has an ISO 9001 certificate, ie all production phases are tested and certified for their excellent quality. We perform quality controls from the raw materials we choose to the delivery of your living room to your place. This is an international certification that a company has to offer means that the quality and satisfaction of the customer is its ultimate goal. Visit us Today or Call one of the FACTORY Sofa Stores.

Factory Sofa • Showroom of Palaio Faliro • Leoforos Poseidonos 48

Attica – Old Faliron Showroom

We invite you to come to our renewed showroom area in Palaio Faliro, 48, Posidonos Str. We will be glad to show you our new designs and the quality of our sofas. Ready-to-use Sofas from our showroom at the color and fabric you see delivered within 48 hours.

FACTORY SOFA • Tel. 2106025980

Google Map Location
Factory Sofa North • Katerini Showroom • 4th klm Katerinis - Paralias

Attica – Vari Showroom

FACTORY SOFA ROJECT • Tel. 210 220 8231

We invite you to our new showroom in Vari, 2nd km of Vari Koropi. You can find us at Kitsi on Evelpidon Avenue 362. The store serves East Attica and is an official distribution point of Factory Sofa products. We will be happy to show you our new designs and the quality of our sofas.

Factory Sofa North • Katerini Showroom • 4th klm Katerinis - Paralias

Northern Greece Showroom

At our new exhibition area located in Katerini, at the 1st km of Katerini – Thessaloniki at the Northern entrance of the city. Now it’s easier to see us and try out the quality of our living rooms if you come from Thessaloniki or from Larissa. The distribution point serves all of Northern and Central Greece!

FACTORY SOFA NORTH • Tel. 2351028310

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Factory Sofa North • Katerini Showroom • 4th klm Katerinis - Paralias

Rhodes Island Showroom

A new store, FACTORY SOFA ISLAND was created in Rhodes and serves orders for the North & South Aegean as well as Crete. At our new exhibition venue on Lindos 216 Road in Rhodes, you will find Factory Sofa’s Best Sellers Living Rooms & Sofas. Now also in Rhodes you can see and try out the quality of our living rooms!

FACTORY SOFA ISLAND • Tel. 2241060900

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Our Story

Our story began 70 years ago by people with love and passion for furniture. The mood to beautify people, their space and, by extension, their psychology was inherited to both new faces of Factory Sofa.

Having as a guide the years of experience of their ancestors in furniture use now that more modern and innovative promotes the quality of furniture. They are certified to guarantee you excellent quality and aesthetics in your lounges.


Details make the difference in sofa furniture and one can see it with a visit to our showrooms. The high aesthetics is the feature of FACTORY Sofa. Designs, proportions, seams, colors are the least that characterizes the aesthetics of our sofas.

At FACTORY Sofa you will find living room furnishings at factory prices, of high quality, made with love & care. A wide range of three-seater lobbies, corner lounges, modular sofas with high quality fabrics and a wide range of colors.


We guarantee the best quality and always at the best prices throughout the Greek market. We manufacture lounges & sofas with excellent specifications and deliver them with a written guarantee of 10 years.

Our experienced staff is always ready to guide you and help you make an excellent choice. Living Room Furniture in Athens and Northern Greece now acquire character in the specially designed spaces in our new stores. We are here for you!

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